GT TAPPI Research

Through generous fellowships from the Renewable Bioproducts Institute, over 40 research projects are funded in TAPPI related research!

The TAPPI student chapter connects individual researchers to form strong research networks. 
The most prominent of these groups are The Lignin Group, The Cellulose Group, and CN@GT.

15 Researchers working on lignin projects:
   Lignin Value Prior to Pulping (LVPP)
   Lignin Depolymerization
   Lignin Monomer Upgrading
   Black Liquor Concentration
   and more... (


11 Researchers working on cellulose projects:
   Advanced nanocellulose materials
   Nanocellulose and nanochitin composites
   and more... (


25 Researchers working on  nanocellulose  projects:
   Cellulose nanomaterials for electronics
   Cellulose polymer composites
   Cellulose nanomaterial characterization
   Cellulose surface modification
   and more... (learn more here)